I read that your entrance walls have an EPS foam core. What does that mean?

Actually it?s the core of the product that is EPS foam. The EPS core is then coated with three coats of our proprietary DuraStone? hard coat material.The end result is an extremely hard durable product.


What exactly is EPS foam?

EPS is short for Expanded Polystyrene. Without getting too technical, EPS is made from plastic resin beads 1MM in size (about the size of the edge of a dime). The beads are 98% air and 2% solids. Through a number of production steps, using heat and steam, the beads are expanded up to 50 times their original size. The expanded beads are then compressed into a mold under pressure forming EPS blocks up to 24 feet long and weighing up to 600 lbs. The density of the block is determined by how many beads are compressed in the mold. The more beads, the denser the EPS. Density is calculated by the weight of 1cubic meter of EPS material. The majority of companies selling EPS columns use 1lb. foam. We use 1.5 lb. foam - which makes your entrance wall 50% more durable! The terms EPS and Styrofoam are used interchangeably. However, Styrofoam is used mainly for insulation applications and is blue in color. EPS is used for 1000's of other applications (paper cups, insulated coolers, walls, road sub-grades, etc.and is white in color.


I have my own entrance wall design. Can you make it?

Yes - chances are 99% we can make it. However, we'll need to see your drawing first (naturally full non-disclosure would apply).


What are the size and shape limitation for the entrance walls?

Because of the EPS manufacturing process described above, we can make almost any desired size or shape.


Are the right and left hand sections of the entrance walls shipped in one piece?

Yes - in most cases. Sometimes (depending on the shipping distance), they may be shipped in two sections. However, in the rare case that happens, putting the two pieces together is a snap.


Can I paint my entrance walls any color I want?

Yes. Our stucco products are easy to paint. We recommend using Sherwin Williams Latex Acrylic Exterior paint. However, any good quality acrylic exterior paint will work. Don't forget ... we'll paint them any one of our two standard colors (grey or tan) FREE!


How much will my entrance wall weigh?

Approximate weight of the stucco or brick entrance walls is 1.75 lbs. or 2.0 lbs. per sq. foot respectively.


Do you ship to Canada?



How much is shipping?

Due to the bulky nature of the products, shipping is determined on a state-state basis. Contact us for accurate shipping costs.


Do I have to maintain my entrance wall?

No. However, if for some reason you wish to clean them (bird/insect droppings, etc.), just use a garden hose. A power washer could also be used, but as with all power washers, use caution.Some powers washers have been know to cut through concrete!


You state your entrance walls are painted. Does that mean I have to repaint them often?

No. First, we use only the best and most durable paints currently available. Second, as with any painted object, over a period of time the paint may fade and require maintenance. The majority of our entrance walls do not require repainting for at least 10-15 years - depending on climate conditions.


How do I place my order?

Email us using the Contact Form on the Contact Page. Please tell us what style entrance wall you want - along with quantity, color, stucco or brick. We will get back to you with final pricing. We accept PayPal payments, personal and company checks.


What kind of adhesive should I use to adhere my entrance walls to my posts?

We recommend using PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive or Great Stuff Foam Adhesive (available at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.).


How real does the faux brick look?

Because each brick is individually hand painted ... they look extraordinarily real! The only big difference between our faux bricks and brick is the lower cost.


Can I install the entrance walls myself?

Yes. Installation is a snap. Click Here for installation details.


How do I fasten gates to my entrance walls?

Because of the usual heavy weight of most large gates, we recommend installing a post next to the wall column for gate attachment.

There are several other methods of gate attachment. Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss them with you


Can I drill through the caps to install lighting?

Yes. You can easily drill through the caps without compromising the integrity of the product.


Can you match my existing brick? If so, is there an additional cost?

Yes, we can come very close to matching your existing brick. However, we will need a good digital photo, or sample piece of the material.

As for the extra cost, you only additional expense will be the cost of the paint!


Do I have a choice of what style column caps I want?

Yes! You have your choice of 13 caps as shown at no extra charge. However, if you want either style of the ball caps, there is an upcharge of $50.00 per cap.


What is the lead time for delivery?

Depending on production schedules, lead time is usually 6-8 weeks from receipt of payment.