About Us

The OtherSignCo. was formed in 2003 as a subsidiary of Bob Glover, Inc. - a 40 year old family owned sign company. Since then, our product line has evolved from supplying standard-type signs to specializing solely in faux products including, but not limited to: faux monument signs, columns, post covers and fence panels. Custom faux designs and products can be made to your specifications.

One of the most common customer questions we receive is:

"How can you afford to offer such quality products at such low prices?"

The answer is simple:

Our operation is run "lean and mean", which allows us to pass all the saving unto you. For example, we don't spend thousands of dollars hiring web designers and hundreds of dollars in monthly fees for web site maintenance providers. We do it all ourselves. Agreed, we may not have the fanciest web site with all the bells and whistles - but you can't put bells and whistles in your wallet. However, the money saved will fit nicely. Likewise, when you call us ... at times, you may get our answering machine. That simply tells you we a "working company" and don't pay people thousands of dollars to sit at desks to answer the phones. Again the savings is passed on to you.

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Also, when you call with questions, be assured the person you talk to has not only made the products, but has used and installed them. No getting answers from a person reading from a pre-written scrip, who hasn't the slightest idea on how to solve your particular problem.

With our vast experience, we will always continue to give you - our customer, the very best faux products available at the most competitive prices. In addition to our superior products and pricing, we are also recognized for our unmatched personal customer service.

We will constantly be researching new ways for you to receive the most benefit from our products. Come back and visit us often. One of our new ideas may be just what you've been looking for!

Thank you and enjoy your visit,

- The OtherSignCo.